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Latest Security Podcasts by Getmon

August 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Podcasts are the new information distribution engine in the media world, after the great success of the radio technology. Being able to download radio shows directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone is very handy, however different podcast vendors use different approaches to distribute their recorded podcasts (iTunes, some online radio stations, personal/company sites/blogs etc).

Getmon offers a one-page listing of all popular and useful security podcasts free to listen and download as MP3 files. Some of my favorite ones like Risky Business, Network Security Podcast, PaulDotCom, Security Wire Weekly, Security Now! are listed there, in addition to about 20 more. One of the MUST HAVE podcasts missing is the OWASP podcast, everything else is set and ready to download (and refresh regularly for new shows uploaded).

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WordPress and the Settings API

August 27, 2012 Leave a comment

The Settings API is a WordPress interface for a centralized control over your forms. Built on the top of the Options API, the Settings API provides a local mechanism for validation and control management over your settings groups. It creates a settings group stored in the database that includes a number of settings in a form. On submit you could define a validation function that escapes everything for the settings group.

It doesn’t do any automagic work (as other APIs and frameworks do) but having a user input to be stored in the database could be centralized in an elegant and easy to control way. Building the form and registering the fields follows an additional abstraction layer.

Check out the quick 9-steps guide on DevWP listing several tutorials and complete references as well.

OWASP on PHP: Security Cheat Sheet

August 27, 2012 1 comment

If you are into security and eager to learn more, the OWASP project is the right place for you.

With a large variety of tutorials, tools, videos and articles, the PHP Securty Cheat Sheet is a must covering pretty much everything that has to be covered on PHP, database layer and network server side. Get acquainted with escaping, database queries and code injections, session and global variables management, filters and regular expressions. Research the available security modules for PHP, hashing functions, ID storage and cryptography specifics.

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